MetroPcs locks a International unlocked Iphone.
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Тема: MetroPcs locks a International unlocked Iphone.

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    I have an iphone 7plus international unlock, i came to the US and i purchased a Metros pcs PREPAID sim card , using my own unlocked phone. but in the place where im staying theres no signal. then i want to switch the carrier to Veryzon but i couldnt cause METRO PCS locked up MY OWN UNLOCKED PHONE for 90 DAYS. forcing me use their service for another 2 months, i call to customer service and they affirmed couple times. thats even posible.? what a should do about it.?

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    User-centric queries/comments such as this are perhaps best put to AppleCare's public community support forums, Apple's twitter support account and/or Apple’s YouTube Support Channel vs. risking off-topic here in the DevForums, thanks and good luck.

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    I'm trying to use my husband's at&t sim card in my LG K20 Plus from Metropcs, well I soon figured out it is most likely a APN problem since my phone is unlocked, and I also googled it and it is a well known problem for att data to not work with my metro phone until you enter AT&T's APN settings in.

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    Ok cool, easy enough right? No. I've watched countless videos, entered codes in from plenty websites and either the codes are not working, or twice after entering new apn info, my phone just wouldn't save the new APN at all...which I also saw on Google that not saving has been an issue for some. Bottom line, nothing I've found online is working! HELP! PLEASE!!

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    There are a few SIMs that will not work in any other than "authorized" phones. Mostly pre-paid units. So even if you had a working GoPhone there can be trouble moving that SIM. For this discussion I'm not going to guess if that's in play. You have to tell me.

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    Most new MetroPCS phones has pre-installed with the official Device Unlock application, this unlocking may be a quick and reliable service, and you are doing not have to be compelled to sort any code, once shopping for the unlocking authorization that we tend to sell, you just should enter the app and press the Permanent Unlock button.

    If the model doesn't have the Device Unlock app put in and once inserting a wrong SIM card requests the SIM network unlock PIN, this model are unsecured writing the unlocking code that we tend to send you.

    How am i able to unlock my metroPCS phone for Free?
    If you're the device original owner and meet the contract months, you'll be able to decision the metroPCS client center to request the authorization to unlock with Device Unlock app.

    If, on the opposite hand, you are doing not meet these needs, you'll be able to additionally unlock your mobile with our company in an exceedingly few hours and from your home.
    unlock Metropcs phone

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